There's More Ground to Cover

TwinThread allows your experts to push the needle on Overall Equipment Effectiveness and accelerates the performance improving solutions you already have in place.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation and no matter what existing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) technologies you have in place, there's always room for improvement - and that's where TwinThread comes in.

TwinThread's Predictive Operations Platform easily connects to any OEE solution you already have, accelerating its performance and allowing you to drive your operational performance and efficiencies to even greater heights.

The opportunity our platform offers is not only to provide significant ROI on technologies you're already applying (which TwinThread definitely will do), but to also go where those solutions are incapable of taking you. Layering in on top of what you have and empowering your domain experts to get right to actioning impactful insights that your current applications cannot provide.

How Does TwinThread Work With & Improve on Existing OEE Solutions?

TwinThread is all about creating the path of least resistence in facilitating your experts to uncover operational trends and insights, and then apply that information to great effect (at speed and scale).

To accomplish this, we had to ensure our platform connected quickly, easily, and with any OEE solution your organization may already be applying to your particular use case.

Once connected, it only takes days to see TwinThread's spring-board effect.

Getting Started

TwinThread is the only SaaS-based self-provisioning predictive platform on the market. Upon entering the platform's LaunchPad, you'll be greeted with an easy to understand overview, showing all of the areas TwinThread can augment the results of your existing OEE solutions.

This visual user experience only makes getting where you want to go faster and more efficient - allowing you to easily identify the actions you wish to take and enabling drag and drop functionality that makes the experience more tactile and satisfying.


Creating digital twins of your assets is made simple and fast with this self-provisioning approach. In no time, your experts will be able to connect a twin to your data sources and enter a variety of operational information (specific to your operational environment) which will result in an accurate overview of equipment performance.

Our team believes that the only way to get the most out of your operations is to draw heavily on your domain experts. TwinThread is the only predictive platform that places this value at the forefront. And, we walk the walk by providing a system that can truly be driven by your experts, instead of external professional services and consultants.

Quantifiable Results

Whether you have OEE solutions in place or not, TwinThread's real-time in-line insights can amplify your current operational vantage point.

There is currently no other predictive platform that pairs the visual curation of real-time data with the simplicity of a self-provisioning interface. TwinThread unleashes your experts' superpowers by giving them the control and unrestricted autonomy they need to identify and execute meaningful change that results in greater efficiency, better performance, and increased profit. We guarantee results.

Accurate Predictions

No other OEE solution is as effective as TwinThread in modelling future outcomes in such an easy to consume fashion. The Model Factory portion of our LaunchPad allows your experts to setup model parameters in detail, train the model, analyze the results, and operationalize the findings - all in one concise and convenient interface. Placing this functionality in the hands of your experts means no longer needing to react hastily to OEE solution anomaly alerts. Instead, your experts will be able to prevent anomalies before they occur - encouraging a much more proactve approach within your operations.

From implementation to execution - the TwinThread Predictive Operations Platform and its easy-to-use LaunchPad will accellerate and improve upon your existing OEE solutions, and then rocket you far beyond those bounds - toward operational performance levels no other system can even dream of empowering.

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