About Andrew Waycott

Andrew is responsible for business development and customer relations. Andrew is drawn by the democratization of extreme efficiency that TwinThread offers, allowing industrial businesses of any size to use the IoT to optimize performance, without the burden and expense of a custom system.

The Problem, and Opportunity, of Scale

David and Goliath may well be the most famous underdog story of all time.  And its lesson, that someone can be much smaller, or outpowered, and yet still come out on top through some creative, or unexpected tactic, is the rallying cry of practically all small companies when faced with competition from a larger [...]

What is a Digital Twin?

At TwinThread, we are big believers in Digital Twins, and Digital Threads, heck, we even named our company after them!  The internet is full of references to these two terms as part of the ever growing hype around IoT, and more specifically Industrial IoT. But what exactly is a Digital Twin?  Is it deserving [...]

The Wisdom of the Fleet

These days, it seems everywhere you look in the world of manufacturing people are talking about the Industrial Internet of Things. The promises of offering the next great leap in productivity are certainly compelling - and I would argue real. But where will this great leap in productivity come from? The answer lies in [...]