TwinThread's Case Studies

A collection of real-world applications of our Predictive Operations Platform. Click any of the below to see how TwinThread has proven value in a variety of industries.

Premium Pet Food Manufacturer Gets Predictive Quality Through Insight and Innovation

  • VISION: Deliver premium quality products with minimum production waste.
  • SOLUTION: Implement real-time predictive quality measures.
  • RESULTS: 75% reduction in testing time, improved quality, significant improvement in yield.

Predictive Quality

Pioneering Consumer Products Manufacturer Cracks the Sustainable Energy Code

  • VISION: Drive transformative solutions to consumers while minimizing energy footprint.
  • SOLUTION: Implement real-time predictive energy analytic measures and processes.
  • RESULTS: A greener planet and millions in annual economic benefit.

Predictive Energy Efficiency

Visionary Data Center Solution Provider Keeps the Power On with Predictive Analytics

  • VISION: Provide innovative asset management solutions ensuring customer success today and into the future.
  • SOLUTION: Use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to create a proactive services offering.
  • RESULTS: A real-time, full life cycle asset management solution delivering extended battery life, increasing customer sustainability with reduced costs.

Scalable Insights

Fast Learners, Smart Equipment

  • CHALLENGE: Differentiate from competitors.
  • SOLUTION: Use TwinThread predictive analytics to extend equipment life, rapidly identify operational inefficiencies, centralize operations.
  • RESULTS: A proactive full life cycle asset management solution extended fleet life, improved fleet uptime and reduced maintenance costs driving competitive advantage.

Predictive Uptime

ERM Delivers a More Sustainable Planet Using Predictive Analytics

  • VISION: Positively impact the planet's sustainability challenges while delivering customer value.
  • CHALLENGE: Disparate teams, siloed data slowing decision making and issue prevention.
  • SOLUTION: Implement real-time predictive operations center measures and processes.
  • RESULTS: A greener planet, a proactive operations center and millions in annual economic benefit.

Scalable Uncovering of Data

Forward Thinking Film Manufacturer Cracks the Downtime Code with TwinThread

  • VISION: Deliver premium quality products with minimum production outages using advanced real-time analytics.
  • SOLUTION: Implement real-time predictive uptime measures to maximize line stability and minimize film breaks.
  • RESULTS: 25% reduction in downtime events, teams able to analyze, understand and respond to line instability issues in real-time.

Predictive Uptime

LifeWhere is Predicting Home Utilities Failures Before They Happen - A Breakthrough!

  • VISION: Transform home-based equipment services by predicting maintenance needs before they happen.
  • CHALLENGE: Find a scalable predictive analytics platform to build the service on.
  • SOLUTION: Build the service on TwinThread's predictive analytics platform.
  • RESULTS: From concept to commercially available service in six months.

Prove Value Fast
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