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Innovative Industry Leaders

The Energy Tech Summit (virtual event held from April 27-29, 2021) showcased innovative industry leaders who are making their presence known in the energy sector.

TwinThread was one of the presenting participants in the Automation and AI Summit conference portion of the event. This segment of the event focused on the many challenges facing the energy sector now and in the coming years, and how those challenges may be overcome.

Some of the topics that were addressed include maintaining the reliability and safety of energy systems, applying dynamic automation solutions, unlocking latent data, automating system engineering, and machine-enabled optimization of system performance.

energy tech summit

Solving Energy Challenges

TwinThread was proud to be a Startup Sponsor for the Energy Tech Summit and presented on the topic, “Solving the energy challenges of critical industries with AI”.

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Plant efficiency has been an obsession of mine for 30 years.”
Erik Udstuen, TwinThread CEO

Erik’s presentation at the Energy Tech Summit covered the opportunity in the energy sector and how the more energy-intensive industries naturally lead to the application of energy optimization technologies. Erik discussed the evolution of operating and automation models, the continuous improvement process that embodies TwinThread, how our Predictive Operations Platform is the next frontier in automation, the 30-day innovation project we offer, and your journey to scale in operational excellence.

TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform is the next frontier in automation where you can amplify your returns on automation investment with advanced warning and automated diagnosis of quality problems, production problems, downtime problems, and asset reliability problems.

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