Gain a clear edge in equipment service

With TwinThread, you gain a powerful way to differentiate the equipment service you offer.

Through machine learning, the IoT and predictive analytics, you’ll gain new insight into the assets you service. With continuous alerts to identify poorly performing equipment, and troubleshooting tools to identify and address the issues, you’ll constantly be ramping up overall performance – in particular the 20% of machines that cause 80% of slowdowns.

Now you’re ahead of the curve in problem prevention and maintenance. Which means you have a number of options that will increase sales, revenues and/or profitability:

Private label: You may decide this is the perfect opportunity to private label, increasing the breadth of your offering. Now you’ll gain new revenue by offering the TwinThread subscription under your own name as a premium service.

Differentiate: Leverage your improved service as a differentiator in sales pitches, providing value that your competitors simply can’t match. Up goes your closing rate.

Premium pricing: Your offering is superior; you can increase your prices. Up goes revenue, not to mention the enhanced profitability that comes with being a market leader.

Higher profitability: Generate higher profits, through your reduced operating costs on your existing service contracts.

Better operational results.  Lower maintenance cost.  Higher profitability.

Interested in a product demo?

Send us your details through the form below and we’ll get in touch.

Interested in a product demo?

Send us your details through the form and we’ll get in touch.