Quality - Always on Target

Leverage Your Current Systems to Improve Quality

TwinThread easily connects to any system or directly to your machines and guarantees better quality, reduced waste, improved throughput and more.

With your existing systems and machines, our platform will quickly scale (in hours) the following benefits:

  • Improved Production: getting more product out the door.
  • Greater Control: know and correct any issues in advance - preventing unwanted downtime.
  • Exceptional Quality: know the set-points before production begins, eliminating waste and ensuring superior quality.

TwinThread's platform is risk-free and requires minimal investment. With simple, easy to understand insights delivered directly to your experts before production starts, improved quality performance at scale is a guarantee.

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TwinThread is the perfect fit if...
Collecting Data

Your lines have the capability to collect data (via PLCs or an MES system) but you have to collect it manually and can't access it from one source.

Act Now

You'd like to predict anomalies before they happen and take action now as opposed to waiting and reacting as issues arise.

One Source of Information

You already have several different systems (OEE, MES, ERP) in place, so any new system has to easily integrate with them to pull all that data into one place.

Budgetary Limitations

You have budgetary limitations, so you need a way to get started quickly and economically to prove the value before even talking about a larger use of any new product.

Insight Wherever You Are

Your domain experts could help raise the organization's performance if they were empowered to apply and scale their skills without being limited by where they physically work.

Get Connected

Your factory equipment is generational but you have PLCs in place.

"I've never seen a tool we can use for any type of production problem without having to recode! We were able to address quality and downtime issues on our first line, then deploy to our other lines in days."

Process Engineer, Fortune 500 Food Manufacturer

Production Line