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Success Story: Premium Pet Food Manufacturer

Premium Pet Food Manufacturer Gets Predictive Quality Through Insight and Innovation



Deliver premium quality products with minimum production waste.



Implement real-time predictive quality measures.



75% reduction in testing time, improved quality, significant improvement in yield.


A premium pet food manufacturer was seeking innovative ways to deliver premium quality products in more sustainable ways with less production waste.  The company believed that if they could predict quality accurately during production, they could adjust the manufacturing process in real-time to ensure quality specifications were continuously being met.

The Approach

This company strongly believes in responsible growth and in using advanced technologies to drive insight-driven innovation. Most recently they have adopted artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to accelerate overall manufacturing productivity.

The Challenge

The company produces a variety of pet nutrition products and business strategy dictates frequent startups and product changeovers. Each startup and changeover meant the possibility of producing off-quality product, consequently each change required lab tests to confirm that demanding quality specifications were being met.

This testing was done off-line, taking up to forty minutes for line operators to receive the results and make informed adjustments to line conditions. If lab results showed out-of-spec product, production had to be scrapped until further tests indicated quality was back in control.

The Solution

The manufacturer teamed with TwinThread, using its Predictive Operations Center to deliver Predictive Quality and an in-line testing model by which predicted quality results are used real-time before finished product quality data are available from the lab. 

This model also predicts when out-of-spec situations are likely to occur, provides recommendations for process adjustments, and enables the production team to quickly optimize quality in real-time without waiting for lab tests to complete. Insights were available only days after project initiation, enabling the manufacturer to quickly see results.

The Result

The manufacturer drove their vision to reality - delivering the highest quality products while at the same time substantially reducing waste - resulting in hard economic benefits for the company and a positive impact on the environment.

Next, the company intends to expand its use of TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Center from Predictive Quality to Predictive Uptime to further their vision of sustainably driving growth and production efficiency.