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Operations and Maintenance have changed forever.

The world is becoming more complicated - more data, more connectivity, more real-time, more competitive... while at the same time there are fewer people who can solve these tough challenges. Strong experience remains, no doubt, but how do companies leverage those remaining experts and all that data in the best way?

By leveraging existing data and people in a way that allows them to learn fast and act faster.

Teams that operationalize predictive technologies in a learning manner will transform their businesses.

TwinThread is here to partner with you on the journey

The Learning Revolution

Critical Success Factors

We've thought through what it means to learn and operationalize at lightning speed

Collect Data

Collect Data

Industrial data is different - it comes from many sources and there is a LOT of it - exabytes of it - yet to get the most accurate analytics, you need to use all your data, regardless of its source or quality. At TwinThread we've thought this through with prebuilt collectors for all common industrial data sources, along with unique methods for screamingly fast ingestion.

Model Equipment Processes

Model Your Equipment and Processes

We've made it easy to include all critical aspects of your industrial processes. TwinThread's unique asset model structure allows for define once, deploy many capabilities while digital threads allow simple process replication, both for initial definitions and for later scale.

Automate Learning

Automate Learning

Imagine your experts' insights immediately available to everyone, no matter where they are. TwinThread's Model Factory is a digital assembly line that automatically propagates personalized and actionable analytics across thousands of different industrial assets and production lines from a single template, and does so in seconds, to anyone who needs the information.

Drive Actions

Drive Actions

TwinThread is designed to enable teams to quickly learn, drive actions, iterate, learn again, and act again iteratively. Over time, through the use of automated digital threads, the platform offers new recommendations (preventative maintenance, centerline targets, recipes, etc) to tighten up the process and generate benefits. Data can be sent back to the operator (HMI screens), to a supervisory system (MES centerlines, SCADA’s), to a control system (PLCs, etc), or to an executive intelligence system like Power BI, in other words - recommendations go to the people who need them, the way they need to see them.

We were able to move our first machine insight to all like machines in seconds! No other product can do that!

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Empower Your Experts

Realize the true benefits of AI and machine learning technologies, person by person.



  • Real-time 'future' alerts - avert production downtimes
  • Interactive recommendations - grow close to the 'perfect process'
  • Enabled write backs to SCADA, PLC, MES systems - automated
  • Prebuilt model templates/Model Factory enable rapid deployment
Data Scientist

Data Scientists

  • No need for complex data cleansing - TwinThread handles it
  • Model factory, prebuilt industrial templates for rapid analysis & iteration
  • Algorithms run simultaneously to optimize for best prediction
  • Models learn and iterate, supporting lifelong operational improvement
Operations Professional


  • Cost drivers included for energy optimization
  • Proactive alerts let you avoid costly shutdowns
  • Integrated with applications you use
  • Recommended settings for optimum operations


  • Optimize repair shop visits through holistic review of all PM requirements, existing and predicted
  • Prompt crew dispatch via proactive intelligent alerts
  • Identify root causes and correct them in-line
  • Less replacement inventory necessary, due to improved uptime

Lead a learning revolution

Successful digital transformations happen when you can connect assetssystems, and strategies in whole new ways that dramatically accelerate learning. Teams that learn the fastest are the teams that win in any market and in any economy.

Process Engineers


Operations Professional


Reliability Engineers


Data Scientists


Maintenance Professionals


Product Managers


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