Instant Operational Excellence with TwinThread

TwinThread's cloud-based, self-provisioning, ready-to-deploy Predictive Operations Platform featured on Microsoft's Channel 9 Internet of Things Show.

TwinThread's CEO, Erik Udstuen, joins Microsoft Principal Program Manager, Olivier Bloch, on his Channel 9 IoT Show to discuss our game-changing Predictive Operations Platform.

Through our propreitary Launchpad, TwinThread's cloud-based, self-provisioning, ready-to-deploy predictive solution ensures our customers save time, money, and precious resources.

To learn how TwinThread's Predictive Operations Platform is the best solution for improving performance and gaining greater operational efficiency fast, click here.

TwinThread CEO, Erik Udstuen

Erik's background personifies what TwinThread's key differentiator is - technological innovation founded and backed by a wealth of real-world industrial experience and expertise.

Experience & Entrepreneurship:

  • In-the-field experience as a chemical and process engineer.
  • Co-founded solution for Proficy MES and Proficy Historian product lines.
  • Founded technology for RFID location tracking and data historization.
  • Senior Executive at a Fortune 500 company, leading industrial software business initiatives and facilitating cross-operational digital transformation.
  • Co-founded metrics technology that predicted sales and marketing outcomes.
  • Co-founded TwinThread and built a team of innovative future-proofers and industrial experts to establish a Predictive Operations Platform where results are guaranteed.
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TwinThread's Launchpad

Never has it been this easy to get started down the path of digital transformation. Our Launchpad's friendly interface and simple self-provisioning allow your domain experts and engineers to quickly move from insight to action - ensuring the fastest proof of value on the market. Not to mention, it's a platform that's easy on the eyes - making the experience an enjoyable one.

Quantifiable Results Our Customers Have Experienced

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

60% reduction in repair cycles.

Waste Prevention

Waste Prevention

90% reduction in callbacks.

Predictive Quality

Consistent Quality

50% improvement in customer retention.

Predictive Uptime

Asset Confidence

10% improvement in uptime.

Fast Reporting

Comprehensive Understanding

30% reduction in time required to produce reports.

Cost Savings

Greater Profits

Annual cost savings in the millions.

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