Microsoft Features TwinThread Collaboration

Microsoft's Customer Story features the innovative collaboration between ERM and TwinThread - describing how, together, they expedited insight to action with the power of a fully-curated data platform.

What we do at TwinThread and how we empower our customers’ problem-solvers never gets old, because it’s never the same – project to project. Each one of our customers operates within a unique environment, with each looking to solve operational puzzles that are particular to their business.

By interacting with these innovative organizations who continually chase greater efficiency, it means our team is constantly thrust onto the cutting edge of performance. That’s why our job is never dull – because we collaborate with subject matter experts who relentlessly push the envelope and drive toward uncharted territory.

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is no exception. A globally recognized consultancy in environment, health, safety, risk and sustainability – ERM teamed with TwinThread to solve issues that arose with a water treatment system at a former industrial facility. By drawing on TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform, ERM’s project and operations teams were able to substantially expedite the collation and evaluation of pertinent data (related to the desired outcomes).

This curated information emboldened ERM’s problem-solvers to drive insight to action – validating their confidence and empowering them to make comprehensively informed operational decisions. What’s more, with the right data being made readily available and easily consumable, the time it took to adapt processes to an operational advantage was reduced extensively. What decisions may have taken weeks or months to move forward were now being affirmed in days.

TwinThread’s digital twins, machine learning templates and digital threads equipped ERM’s team of experts to learn quickly, act quicker and carry those insights across their organization at an enterprise level. Through our process of providing visibility, illuminating insights and empowering action, ERM’s domain mind-hive was able to visually interpret real-time operations, uncover root causes and be made aware of potential issues through live alerts, and accurately identify the steps best suited for optimization.

Our collaboration resulted in a scalable process for garnering insight, a massive reduction in time needed to operationalize efforts and a 30 percent reduction in time needed to compile and analyze reports.

As is usually the case with many of the projects TwinThread looks to support problem-solvers in, ERM was not suffering from a lack of data. Quite the opposite – their domain experts were inundated. Maybe so much so that it was becoming difficult to understand where insights may lie. TwinThread allowed those domain experts to cut through the fog and drill right into the information needed to drive efficiency.

Just like every project we take on; we were proud to provide a platform that’s capable of supporting the team of innovators found in-house at ERM. If you’d like to learn more about how TwinThread and ERM collaborated to realize the outcomes the domain experts set out to achieve, have a read of Microsoft’s Customer Story that provides greater detail.

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