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Innovative Industry Leaders

On May 25-26, 2021 the Oil & Gas Automation & Technology Summit will feature over 400 industry leaders sharing best practices and know-how to
identify, select, and accelerate digital projects.

The oil & gas sector has been forced to strategize through volatility over the last year due to fluctuating oil prices and changes in the market. This volatility has prompted operators to find new ways to save time and money, boost sales, and improve security.

Automation, technology, and transformation are key to the industry's survival.

However, navigating the challenges of exponential digital ventures remains a significant obstacle.

TwinThread is excited to bring its predictive operations platform into the mix and to be presenting among other industry leaders who are influencing the industry toward a more efficient strategy, implementation of the best technologies, and game-changing innovations that accelerate Continuous Improvement processes.

Oil & Gas Automation and Technology Week

Our CEO, Erik Udstuen, will be conducting a technology demonstration of our TwinThread Predictive Operations Platform and showcasing its application in the Oil & Gas industry. TwinThread was created by experienced serial innovators from a variety of industrial backgrounds, the optimizations our platform supports can apply to virtually every industry and every region of the world.

Accelerating Industrial Innovation

TwinThread is proud to be showcasing our predictive operations platform at
Oil & Gas Automation & Technology Week

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Predictive Operations allows you to start seeing forward, into the future, anticipating problems and solving problems before they happen.”
Erik Udstuen, TwinThread CEO

TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform is the next frontier in automation where you can amplify your returns on automation investment with advanced warning and automated diagnosis of quality problems, production problems, downtime problems, and asset reliability problems. 

We connect your team, automation, and operating strategies in a whole new way. TwinThread can connect virtually to any Historian, MES, CMM, DCS, PLC, Sensor Gateway, or Industrial IoT platform in minutes, and our predictive applications can be configured in less than one hour to start proactively driving improvements across key operations and maintenance metrics.

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