TwinThread’s Apps for Extreme Efficiency

TwinThread brings the power of artificial intelligence to you without all the complexity and cost.

TwinThread, built by world-leading experts (learn more in About), is ready to work for you now. No waiting, no coding.


Even in this initial stage of gathering your data, TwinThread harnesses machine learning to collect and configure it. Moving you faster towards extreme productivity.


Through machine learning and digital twins of your assets, TwinThread learns to recognize outliers. The TwinThread dashboard offers a 24/7/365 monitoring capability that instantly knows when any piece of equipment is functioning outside of expected norms.


Every time Analyze finds an outlier or exception, an alert is generated.


Through the TwinThread troubleshooting tools, you’ll dig down to the root cause of the issue. Step by step, your operators will move through the detection and resolution process. The TwinThread dashboard helps to isolate the reasons for the alert, providing as little or as much granularity as is required to solve the problem.


Once the solution has been identified, the innovate window opens. Your operators apply the new settings to that asset for that situation. It’s more than a fix; it’s an improvement.


Let’s say this issue has arisen with various instances of a certain type of equipment, possibly across various locations, and the same solution has been applied.

Now you can scale this solution out to every future instance of this issue, across the entire fleet of that equipment type, enterprise wide. Instantly! Because there is no human in the loop. When this situation arises next, the chosen solution is automatically implemented.

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Interested in a product demo?

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Interested in a product demo?

Send us your details through the form below and we’ll get in touch.