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A Platform that Knows Your Data

Submitted by Erik Udstuen, CEO & Co-Founder at TwinThread

No matter the industry, IoT has allowed organizations to take great leaps forward in the efficiency of their operations. There’s no denying that your efforts are augmented, and more can be accomplished with technological additions informing the decisions you make.

However, we’ve matured far enough into the digital age now to know, from experience, that tech for the sake of tech isn’t going to allow you to go as far and fast as you want to. Any old solution, just to keep up with the Joneses, will more than likely not provide you with what you are looking for.

When it comes to a predictive operations solution, your platform of choice is critical in deciding whether it supports you in becoming more profitable, or actually becomes a barrier to greater success. The key in confirming whether a particular platform is the right fit for your environment is to look at the team behind it. A technological solution needs to be backed, of course, by technological people.

However, to be applied meaningfully, it also needs to be backed by professionals with history and experience in the setting their solution is being applied to. That means, if your operations are predominantly manufacturing focused, the predictive analytics solution you opt for should be supported by a provider with considerable industry experience. Reason being, tech savvy professionals can create all the whizz-bang in the world, but it won’t mean much to you if it can’t be applied or interpreted how you need it to be.

When your solution of choice is supported both by strong tech knowledge and industry experience, you’re getting a platform backed by people who understand how your data works, and how you want to consume it. It gives your organization a competitive edge to have a solution provider with a strong grasp on how you deploy your historical sensors, event alerts, and the context within which they are applied and drawn upon (equipment, product, shift, work order, process order).

This advantage allows your domain experts to get the information they need immediately, understand it outright, and operationalize it now. A system that is compatible with your data and understands your people expedites the insight process, meaning the time from implementation to operationalization is reduced and your profit margins increase.

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