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Best Practices in Achieving Energy Efficiency – A Phased Approach

Submitted by Sheila Kester, VP of Operations at TwinThread

When looking at your operational performance history, you need to ask yourself, what trends do you see over time? It’s critical to success to pull your subject-matter experts in when evaluating any data. They’ll connect dots quicker and drive action faster.

Your experts should be able to easily identify top causations for energy fluctuation or excessive consumption. Once these root causes are identified, it’s time to drill in and validate whether the assumptions have merit. You can begin by visualizing these findings and serve them up in a manner that benefits the experts evaluating the insights (via digital twins). This typically takes days to weeks with an action period of days to shifts.

Then, evaluate what can be done - whether it’s changing processes or executing alerts (or another approach). Keep in mind, this is a cyclical, always iterative approach. You may find that a piece of equipment needs to be replaced because it has been running out of spec for too long or has simply run its course. However, in the future, by staying close to the indicators (derived from the data), you’ll be able to see this coming and transition more effectively.

You’ll then need to execute predictive analytics at the operator level. Train digital models to interpret and identify top causes of energy consumption (or anomalies) in advance (via alerts). Then, with this insight, you’ll direct operators to correct “outside ideal” issues (in real-time), and identify best practices (related to operator behaviors) and iterate. This process takes weeks to months and the action period is immediate (literally seconds).

From here, you’ll identify top performers and propagate. By comparing like production runs or assets, and by developing a centerline, you’ll be able to accurately tune like elements. As stated above, predictive operations are cyclical. There is no endpoint, only never-ending improvement. This step (because it’s ongoing) takes months and the action period varies (depending on the scope of the challenge).

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