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You CAN Cut Energy Costs Without Sacrificing… Anything!

Submitted by Sheila Kester, VP of Operations at TwinThread

Energy, typically one of the ‘big three’ in manufacturing expenses along with labor and raw materials, has historically been resistant to any sustained cost reduction effort, for a number of reasons:

  • Energy, (typically Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and/or Steam) is measured at a macro level Think plant, line, or best case, large asset. This macro view made it impossible to determine sources of excess consumption or waste. Metering has been expensive and a barrier to more granular cost views. 
    • What’s Changed: The advent of inexpensive meters, like the ones found at and allow anyone to measure energy consumption to whatever level they like. Wherever you have a production meter you are able to have a corresponding energy meter, meaning you’ll know how much energy that particular equipment uses. 
  • Product and Production Run information was separated from energy cost. Many machines make multiple products. With no opportunity to know what energy was consumed for what product, and what was consumed when the line was down, in changeover or running visibility was lost. 
    • What’s Changed: TwinThread’s Predictive Operations platform combines data from disparate sources with an agile framework: machine and energy performance (process historian), production order information (MES systems), cost information (financial systems) into one seamless, contextualized view). You gain visibility into where energy is ACTUALLY consumed, the context for why, an environment to determine operational changes and impacts, and the ability to do so in 30 days or less. Finally, you can roll that same solution to every factory at the push of a button. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to reduce your factory’s energy costs in 30 days or less, please request a demo below.

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