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Demonstrated Success Early

Submitted by Erik Udstuen, CEO & Co-Founder at TwinThread

Any foray presents a risk. Change, while necessary, contains many unknown variables. Even if you build up as much understanding as you reasonably can in preparation for setting out on a new course - it’s still uncharted territory. So, why would you do that alone and without any background, when you can welcome in a resource with a wealth of experience?

Forget about growing pains and trial and error. Having to test, learn and adapt, and repeat that process over and over again - just to finally arrive where you need to be to start producing results isn’t the most sustainable methodology. “A large risk when you build a piece of software is whether or not you deliver. We’ve all been a part of software projects that deliver late or not at all, even though large amounts of money were invested in them. The risk can be higher or lower based on what kind of software you’re trying to build” (The Build vs. Buy Decision Tree, Scalyr).

Instead of spinning your tires, continually subjecting your organization to the risk of lost profit, missed optimizations and frustrated experts, eliminate those exposures by implementing a platform that’s been time tested. The provider has already learned all those hard lessons for you. No need to duplicate their painstaking efforts.

It all comes down to what’s best for your business and its continued growth and success. There’s very little, if anything, that’s done in the blind when it comes to your operations - why would you look at this decision any differently? Don’t guess, by doing it yourself. Know, by collaborating with a predictive provider who can clearly show how they’ve done it again and again - and fast.

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