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Ease of Access & Use

Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread
Plain and simple – accessing and using TwinThread (or any enterprise solution, for that matter) should be as simple as point and click. Not only that, it should be catered specifically to its end-user. In our case, our end-users are engineers, domain experts, subject-matter leaders, in-house specialists and problem-solvers. TwinThread is just a predictive operations tool. Without these personnel in the fold, our platform can’t come to life.
However, by placing TwinThread in the right hands, a whole lot of good will happen in a very short time. We focused a considerable amount of time honing our platform to ensure it speaks the language of the user and is easy for them to use. So, instead of having to waste their precious time learning the system, your experts can hit the ground running and apply their expertise to the insights being fed to them in a way that is immediately digestible.
By pairing our transparent “guaranteed results” pricing model, the self-provisioning Launchpad, and our platform’s availability on Microsoft Marketplace, accessing and applying TwinThread is virtually risk-free. Frankly, the only risk is the opportunity cost of not taking us up on our offer to unlock your experts’ capabilities to go further, faster.
The Marketplace, for those who have yet to explore its confines, is very simple to access and easy to navigate. Finding what you’re looking for is only a click away. This is the kind of user experience we wanted to align ourselves with, since this is the standard we hold ourselves to.
To review our Marketplace offer, click here. Or, to learn more about TwinThread and how our platform positively impacts your efforts, no matter what role you hold within your organization, click here.
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