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So, You Want to Connect?

Submitted by Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread
When you’ve decided that you’re in a position to connect to the data housed within your Historians, you’ve made the first deliberate step toward continual optimization – this is huge and something to be excited about!
You’re about to create an environment of unrestrained learning for your resident experts. When you connect to your data, typically through what is commonly referred to as an agent or a gateway, you’re effectively creating a pathway between machines that collect data and machines that are capable of interpreting it. This means you’re just one step away from evaluating historical data.
If you haven’t connected to your data yet, a Predictive Operations Platform can help you get that done – quickly. If you have, there’s still a lot that you can squeeze out of your data by bringing a predictive solution onboard. Connecting is still just one step on the road to operational optimization.
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