Guaranteed Results with TwinThread’s Predictive Platform

At TwinThread, we've deployed solutions on thousands of lines, and like you, we've been doing this for a long time. We've thought it through and what's needed is a platform that learns and grows with you.

Using TwinThread’s platform, you are guaranteed results and should expect to see a 10x return on investment with no upfront costs - ensuring a no-risk experience. Here are just a few of the actual results our no-risk pilot projects have produced:

  • $40 million in potential energy savings.
  • 60% reduction in repair cycles.
  • 90% reduction in callbacks.
  • 50% improvement in customer retention.
  • 10% improvement in uptime.
  • 10% reduction in utilities costs.
  • Annual cost savings in the millions.

Specifically, we were able to help an F&B manufacturer reduce their testing time by 75% while also improving quality and facilitating greater yield. Here's how we did it. The company's vision was to deliver premium quality products with minimum production waste. They believed that if they could predict quality more accurately during production, they could adjust the manufacturing process in real-time to ensure quality specifications were continuously being met.

By placing our Predictive Operations Platform in the hands of their in-house experts, they were able to quickly identify, in real-time, opportunities to further hone in their production assets and accompanying processes to achieve the control over quality and throughput that they were looking for. This resulted in significant reductions in waste and greater confidence in the constant ability to replicate and scale the processes that produced this high quality standard.

We have a record of producing significant results in industrial operations and we’re certain, with our Predictive Operations Platform, your domain experts will experience the same. That’s why we guarantee results.

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