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Impactful Results from Predictive Energy Efficiency

Submitted by Andrew Waycott, COO & Co-Founder at TwinThread

When you’re staying intimate with your data (and the insights derived therein), results are inevitably guaranteed. But what are those results exactly? How are global manufacturers who make the effort to optimize their energy efficiency through predictive analysis rewarded for their commitment to continuous improvement?

There’s most definitely a variety of positive results that come from optimizing global operations to perform at high levels of energy efficiency. However, there are two results that may be more prevalent than any others – substantial cost savings and augmented corporate responsibility.

First, let’s explore the probable outcome of reduced energy costs. It might seem like a moot point, but we’ll state it anyway – having your assets run as efficiently and least wasteful as possible is going to save your organization money. In some cases, a seriously substantial sum of money. The greatest savings come when you leverage a comprehensive predictive operations platform (like TwinThread’s solution) that allows your problem-solvers to accurately hone-in on improvements in functionality and process that can be then contrasted against and applied to entire production lines. With a solution that meaningfully contextualizes data coming in from every line and every asset across your entire organization, the comparative analysis you’ll be able to easily achieve will positively inform decisions that ensure greater efficiency across the board. This efficiency at scale is what really drives down energy costs and can only be accomplished so holistically with the use of an easy to understand predictive operations platform.

Secondly – the culture and image your organization will be able to uphold in the public eye. Energy efficiency just makes good sense from a business standpoint. However, it also yields another pleasant outcome – a seemingly augmented understanding and self-awareness of your corporation’s responsibility to the global community. Wasting less is not only seen as something you should do these days. By many, it’s seen as something you must do. Now more than ever, energy consumption offenders are put under microscopes that they can’t seem to get out from under. By exemplifying your organization’s diligence in staying abreast of energy efficiency with the application of predictive analysis, you’ll have the proof you are innately familiar with your conservation efforts and performance.

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