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Innovate with Predictive Applications, Not Infrastructure

Submitted by Erik Udstuen, CEO & Co-Founder at TwinThread

You need a Predictive Operations Platform that is equipped to support the innovative drive of your domain experts. That means, it needs to be a solution backed by a provider that understands the environment your operations happen within. All too often in the predictive operations sector, solution providers see the opportunity and market demand, have the knowledge to build a flashy system, but do not have the industry familiarity to build something of worth to the end-user.

Unfortunately, some organizations can get distracted by a provider's whizz-bang and forego a thorough vetting of what the system can actually accomplish for them. Much of the time, in these scenarios, these whizz-bang platforms are limited in their capabilities (because the provider doesn’t know what your problem-solvers need) or, they are too slow in producing the results needed for the effort to be profitable. When you’re investing in a predictive operations system (with the intention of making your organization more efficient), factor the provider in as well – as they are a large part of your investment.

Whether you’re looking to improve quality (or reduce variability), increase throughput, build a greater understanding of asset reliability and lifecycle, increase uptime, augment energy efficiency, or all of the above – you need a platform that will empower your domain experts to overcome the challenge they are targeting.

To get that in a platform, you need a provider that is both savvy in the technological aspects of implementing a system that works for the people that will be using it, and has the industry knowledge to be familiar with how the system will need to be used in context (to be a worthy tool).

Choosing a system that allows your subject-matter experts to find the information they need fast, that is also backed by a provider who can point you in the right direction is the optimal way to ensure you profit from the application of predictive analytics within your organization.

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