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The Innovative Vision of Fleet Applied Predictive Energy

Submitted by Sheila Kester, Vice President of Operations at TwinThread

There’s no shortage of fleet-managing organizations out there that make it priority-one to set themselves apart from the pack – to establish their efforts as those of an industry leader. Maintaining this persona in your respective sector requires vision and innovation – it requires the drive to gain tangible advantage though easily-applied means.

These sought-after advantages usually come by way of a technological solution that allows the visionary organization to constructively disrupt the market they compete in by the manner they deploy and apply their fleet services.

One of the more impactful ways our customer organizations have built a lead in their market is to focus on the efficiency their fleets are able to achieve as it relates to the use of energy. No matter what energy resource your fleet relies upon – water, air, gas, electricity or steam (WAGES) – the less of it you consume, the more cost savings you will accrue.

This notion of optimizing fleets to continually push the energy efficiency of operation is really what spurs on the creation of solutions capable of delivering that vision. If it weren’t for organizations holding themselves to such a high standard, and constantly pushing what they are capable of realizing, the concept of predictive operations may never have come to be.

Now, with our customers’ vision setting the pace, TwinThread’s Predictive Energy Efficiency Application allows those visionaries to become all the more acquainted with their fleet’s performance – expeditiously. Reducing their learning cycles from months to days, TwinThread is supporting its customers, who want to learn fast and act faster.

So what is the secret? How are these innovators using TwinThread to learn and act faster than anyone else? Well, one of the ways they are leveraging the predictive super-brain of our solution is exploiting it for its ability to normalize energy data across various units of measure. But not only that. The data is curated and formatted in such a way that it can be easily consumed by the domain experts. No data scientists needed. By harnessing that kind of power and insight, problem-solvers will not only be empowered to understand the information, but operationalize it as well. This means that functions and processes that serve as the culprits for consuming energy unnecessarily will be stopped from doing so in the most expeditious fashion possible. That’s just one glimpse into how our predictive operations center allows innovators to innovate as they see fit.

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