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Lack of Variation in Energy Costs

An organization not fully in control of variability has challenges. But, what about when you’re trying to push your optimization further but aren’t able to identify any significant variation in your production processes? Many production operations consume significant amounts of WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) resources. Production restarts are infrequent, and energy consumption data is often not available until production is complete.

Most organizations today are looking to optimize energy costs, but many companies have never optimized their centerline for key contributors resulting in large energy consumption by product line. This can easily result in spending more on wasted energy. You could be consuming much more energy than you need to produce the intended product run.

In this case, a lack of variability is the problem (in that, your energy consumption could be static across your operations but is being expended at greater intervals than is required). To solve this, all you need is a predictive energy efficiency application that empowers your subject-matter experts to conduct product line capability analyses, which will support them in accurately identifying the optimal setpoints for your specific goals of production output, quality, and energy usage.

Cracking the code for lack of variation in energy consumption and cost can help you identify hard economic benefits and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Then you’ll see observable variation - in cost savings year-over-year.

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