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Millions Lost Through Waste

Submitted by Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread
Every great organization holds the quality of their product to a high standard, and their customer-base comes to expect a consistent delivery to that effect. It goes without saying that your organization wouldn’t allow sub-par product beyond the bounds of the facility it was produced within. That’s not the issue. The problem is when there is an intolerable amount of unsatisfactory product produced. This waste can cost your organization millions if it isn’t eliminated (or at least, reduced).
When unusable product is left on the factory floor, you’re watching as potential profits go down the drain. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is not complicated. You just need something that will allow you to further hone your assets and processes to ensure what you’re producing is consistently meeting the mark, instead of falling short. That “something” is a comprehensive Predictive Operations Platform with an out-of-the-box predictive quality application. When your subject-matter experts are given the ability to easily leverage your data and identify key insights that allow them to make in-line, real-time adaptations – limiting your waste is just a matter of time.
However, ensure you draw on a predictive analytics solution that places your domain experts front and center. All too often, key problem-solvers are pushed to the side, and that’s a big mistake. A worthy predictive analytics platform understands its role, and it’s certainly not to replace your in-house expertise.
On the contrary, it’s got to speak directly to them. With any solution intending to increase efficiency, speed to actionable insight is everything. And, nothing can go faster in this regard than your domain experts empowered with a predictive platform that understands them and the environment they operate within. With this methodology driving your organization’s efforts, the gap between quality and quantity will quickly disappear.
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