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Fast Forward Your Operational Transformation Via Microsoft Marketplace

Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread

TwinThread’s platform of predictive operations applications is now available through Microsoft’s value-rich Marketplace environment. Our predictive platform was purpose-built specifically to speed valuable insights into the hands of your domain experts through an easy-to-use system, so they can then apply scalable adaptations that allow your organization to achieve its performance goals.

In keeping with our intention of making operational insights infinitely accessible, we believe it only makes sense to ensure that accessing the platform itself should be just as simple. Microsoft’s Marketplace is the perfect fit for accomplishing this goal – being the premier digital library for innovative enterprise software and solutions.

Below, you will find some of the key aspects that align TwinThread with Microsoft Marketplace and why it was clear that we should join this innovative community.

Accelerating Success

TwinThread’s platform is all about providing specific information to your problem-solvers and engineers so they can make impactful changes toward operational excellence now. Having extensive experience in industry has informed many of the aspects that make our platform what it is.

Drawing on that experience, we know how important speed to value is. Your time, profit and precious resources are on the line. So, the faster your experts are empowered to take action, the more time you’ll save, the greater your profits will be, and the more you’ll be able to prevent the wasting of resources (both from a human and product perspective).

Having an out-of-the-box solution, that can be iterated upon, gives your operation a jump-start in making positive change in performance and efficiency. Instead of building out a system from the ground up, TwinThread will meet you where your operational needs are now and embolden your efforts so you can get where you want to be in a short period of time.

This mindset of accelerated success is what Microsoft’s Marketplace is all about. With its diverse collection of software intent on providing customers with toolsets that your experts can take away and apply to augment their efforts (whatever they may be), the Marketplace is an inventory of value-driving solutions that exist to give users a leg-up.

Now, with TwinThread being offered on the Marketplace, everything from implementation of the platform to execution of operational adaptations can happen at warp speed.


Our predictive platform contributes to greater efficiency. So, to practice what we preach, having users getting started with our solution should match the level of efficiency we promote. It should be totally unnecessary to jump through a bunch of hoops and interact with countless implementation specialists to start applying our platform to your operations.

That’s why we’ve made self-provisioning possible. Without question, resources are always available to our customers, should they wish to reach out. However, if you just want to get down to business and start seeing what can be accomplished with TwinThread, our Launchpad system allows you to do this without needing to interact with anyone.

This ready-to-deploy characteristic of our platform is not only a differentiator in the predictive operations space, but also an imperative in upholding our guarantee of providing fast return. No matter how quickly insights can be delivered to and actioned by your experts with the use of our software, if the implementation process of our platform lags and is encumbered by speed bumps, the ability for customers to experience value at high-speed will be severely diminished.

So, we’ve set the precedent – we are the first cloud-based, self-provisioning Predictive Operations Platform – ensuring customers do not need to navigate unnecessary forks in the road on their way to operational excellence. Microsoft’s Marketplace serves as an entry point that understands how important it is that customers are able to manifest their own destiny. TwinThread is a scalable tool to be used by domain experts to further augment their reach across and impact on operations.

It’s not intended as a professional service laden with consultancy interactions. To live up to this application intent, it needs to be capable of being easily managed at every stage of its lifecycle (implementation through execution). The Marketplace complements this effort by maintaining its own high standard of self-provisioning. Navigating through the Marketplace and identifying enterprise software that matches your needs can be easily accomplished without support.


By drawing on your subject-matter experts’ operational knowledge and feeding them accurate insights into your data, TwinThread provides visibility and understanding. We don’t accomplish this with a smoke and mirrors approach. Everything is done transparently – which is what contributes to quick understanding.

Staying true to that approach, we also make an effort to be transparent with your introduction to the platform. That means, what you should expect to receive (in terms of functionality and feature set) and what you should expect to pay. Our pricing model is based on a tiered system that, depending on the package you choose, delivers specific predictive operations tools. To more accurately customize and price your package, we identify the number of sensors / tags your operations make use of – allowing us to further home in on an offer that packs value.

At the end of the day, TwinThread’s singular purpose for being is to empower customers with information. It would be disingenuous to do anything less when getting you started with the platform. What’s more, because we are certain our customers will accomplish a 10x return on investment, we offer no-risk pricing. If value isn’t derived from the application of our Predictive Operations Platform, you pay nothing.

Microsoft makes it clear that they value transparency within their Marketplace as well. They go to great lengths to ensure that the enterprise solutions offered through their platform are represented in a genuine fashion. Exactly like TwinThread, Microsoft’s only interest is to promote greater innovation and performance within its customer organizations. So, they ensure that their partner organizations contribute meaningfully to this end.

Ease of Access & Use

Plain and simple – accessing and using TwinThread (or any enterprise solution, for that matter) should be as simple as point and click. Not only that, it should be catered specifically to its end-user. In our case, our end-users are engineers, domain experts, subject-matter leaders, in-house specialists and problem-solvers. TwinThread is just a predictive operations tool. Without these personnel in the fold, our platform can’t come to life.

However, by placing TwinThread in the right hands, a whole lot of good will happen in a very short time. We focused a considerable amount of time honing our platform to ensure it speaks the language of the user and is easy for them to use. So, instead of having to waste their precious time learning the system, your experts can hit the ground running and apply their expertise to the insights being fed to them in a way that is immediately digestible.

By pairing our transparent “guaranteed results” pricing model, the self-provisioning Launchpad, and our platform’s availability on Microsoft Marketplace, accessing and applying TwinThread is virtually risk-free. Frankly, the only risk is the opportunity cost of not taking us up on our offer to unlock your experts’ capabilities to go further, faster.

The Marketplace, for those who have yet to explore its confines, is very simple to access and easy to navigate. Finding what you’re looking for is only a click away. This is the kind of user experience we wanted to align ourselves with, since this is the standard we hold ourselves to.

Get Started

No matter how or why you are trying to improve performance and efficiency within your operations, TwinThread can support your experts on that transformational journey. And, there’s no easier way to get started than by reviewing our offer on Microsoft’s Marketplace.

To review our Marketplace offer, click here. Or, to learn more about TwinThread and how our platform positively impacts your efforts, no matter what role you hold within your organization, schedule a demo today.


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