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The Solution Innovators Use to Optimize Fleet Performance

Submitted by Andrew Waycott, COO & Co-Founder at TwinThread

We’re so fortunate to live in a time where innovative thinkers and problem-solvers no longer need be stymied by frustrating roadblocks that slow or halt learning and insight. It’s unacceptable to leave engineers and technicians waiting for useful data to be made available, when they should be empowered to operationalize insight (no matter how seemingly significant or insignificant) on an ongoing basis.

With the advent of full-suite Predictive Operations Platforms, like TwinThread’s solution, connected organizations’ problem-solvers will no longer have their hands tied. Gone are the days when an engineer or operator would have to patiently wait through a lengthy learning cycle to action information produced from fleet operation. By applying TwinThread’s Predictive Applications, your problem-solvers can meaningfully uncover a whole host of real-time insights.

It’s the in-the-field, during operation, real-time feedback that is the solution fleet problem-solvers need to allow for the pace of improvement they wish to maintain. With predictive insight being fed to the people who need them most, changes can be made on the fly.

This ability to stay abreast of operations as they occur allows engineers and operators to uphold a high standard of operational agility. No more will your problem-solvers say, “that would’ve been nice to know a couple of weeks ago”. With the data being exploited in real-time, fleet operators will be able to operationalize findings with immediacy and the organization will benefit by optimizing the efficiency of its efforts (and the resulting cost savings).

Without question, this solution applies to energy efficiency – but, it also applies to a wide variety of other operational elements (such as uptime, reliability and asset life).

If you really want to take the lid off and unleash the full potential of your problem-solvers, equip them with a platform that allows them to operationalize meaningful change now. Keep them firing on all cylinders, by getting started with TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform.