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Prepare for the launch of TwinThread’s new approach to accessing the one and only self-provisioning predictive platform on the planet, empowering your experts to uncover insights and action operational improvements. We call this easy-to-use system the LaunchPad. By applying gamification strategies, drag-and-drop functionality and founded user-experience principles, the LaunchPad allows your experts to shorten the distance between getting connected and benefiting from the proactive and preventive insights your data has to offer. Below, we’ve summarized some of the efforts our LaunchPad will make simple.

Getting started with LaunchPad, you will be able to use the new data source wizard. Data sources connect to systems with critical information, such as PLC-based control systems, MES systems, quality measurement stations, and data historians. Using TwinThread’s LaunchPad, data source connection has been simplified with a step-by-step process, where you can use the source wizard to select a data source. From there, based on the data source you chose, the wizard will decide if you need an agent.

In Launchpad, tags are mapped as sensors. Tags are the common name for each data element within a data source. Our sensors both capture control tags and connect to more sophisticated data, such as a production schedule, fleet usage, web order status, cost data, or inventory level. With the new drag and drop feature, LaunchPad allows you to bind sensors to properties, making sensor linking easier and more intuitive.

Next, we have digital twins. A twin is a digital representation of an asset in the real world, rendered virtually in the cloud. TwinThread’s LaunchPad makes it simple to create a twin with a step-by-step process in how to connect your twins to data source sensors. In addition, there are properties (part of a digital twin). Properties are connection points to the twin that draw data from both sensors and threads. LaunchPad’s wizard has three questions it answers about your properties: What product is being produced? What is the operational state of the equipment? And, what is the production rate?

Digital threads are the next step in TwinThread’s LaunchPad process. A digital thread logically creates the additional data often needed to provide context. Threads help when data sources do not give the insights needed for your operations. A thread will take the data you have and calculate the data you need using logic calculations. TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform comes pre-structured with a library of models that are made to analyze data.

Next up, the LaunchPad’s model factory. The model factory will connect your refined data set to the recommended model template in TwinThread’s predictive platform. The model factory’s “Home Page” will show you a list of all model instances that have been set up. Models work to combine experience with intelligent engines, which then work to evaluate multiple algorithms and pick the best one for your operational needs. TwinThread will connect the properties of your twin to the topics of your selected model to integrate them. Then, the model factory will train the model using LaunchPad’s training wizard.

Finally, you are in execute mode. You are now able to select analytic tools so that TwinThread can continually provide you the recommendations and visualizations needed for optimization. To learn more about TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform and our new easy-to-use system, Launchpad, contact us.


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