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Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread

Our predictive platform contributes to greater efficiency. So, to practice what we preach, having users getting started with our solution should match the level of efficiency we promote. It should be totally unnecessary to jump through a bunch of hoops and interact with countless implementation specialists to start applying our platform to your operations.

That’s why we’ve made self-provisioning possible. Without question, resources are always available to our customers, should they wish to reach out. However, if you just want to get down to business and start seeing what can be accomplished with TwinThread, our Launchpad system allows you to do this without needing to interact with anyone.

This ready-to-deploy characteristic of our platform is not only a differentiator in the predictive operations space, but also an imperative in upholding our guarantee of providing fast return. No matter how quickly insights can be delivered to and actioned by your experts with the use of our software, if the implementation process of our platform lags and is encumbered by speed bumps, the ability for customers to experience value at high-speed will be severely diminished.

So, we’ve set the precedent – we are the first cloud-based, self-provisioning Predictive Operations Platform – ensuring customers do not need to navigate unnecessary forks in the road on their way to operational excellence. Microsoft’s Marketplace serves as an entry point that understands how important it is that customers are able to manifest their own destiny. TwinThread is a scalable tool to be used by domain experts to further augment their reach across and impact on operations.

It’s not intended as a professional service laden with consultancy interactions. To live up to this application intent, it needs to be capable of being easily managed at every stage of its lifecycle (implementation through execution). The Marketplace complements this effort by maintaining its own high standard of self-provisioning. Navigating through the Marketplace and identifying enterprise software that matches your needs can be easily accomplished without support.

To review our Marketplace offer, click here. Or, to learn more about TwinThread and how our platform positively impacts your efforts, no matter what role you hold within your organization, click here.


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