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Unforeseen Downtime

Submitted by Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread
Whether you’re overseeing the operation of a production line or a fleet of assets - unscheduled, unplanned downtime can be absolutely devastating to the financial well-being and sustainability of your organization. Frankly, it’s an unacceptable outcome – and rightly so. Compounding the cost of asset or component damage with the cost of production cycles being partially (or completely) halted is no one’s idea of acceptable.
Fortunately, we live in an era where you don’t need to lose sleep over whether an asset failure is lurking just around the corner. Implementing a predictive analytics solution that’s tailored to augment the efforts of your in-house expertise is the best approach to significantly decrease your anxiety regarding downtime and optimize your operations so you can increase your confidence in the probability of uptime. A platform that empowers your domain experts with an insight-rich predictive uptime application will allow for the uncovering of previously unseen root causes that are resulting in operational variabilities – pushing assets outside their optimal range or function.
These variations, if left unchecked, will almost certainly lend themselves to downtime biting you when you least expect it. However, with your subject-matter experts working in tandem with an easily connected predictive solution, these variations will get tamed before they ever have the chance to manifest into full-blown incidents.
Without the ability to identify and interpret variability, you’re forced to take a reactive approach in how you operate. Equipping your organization with an intuitive predictive solution allows you to tangibly plan for future uptime and proactively halt root causes of downtime at the source. Why wait and worry when you can prevent and plan?
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