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Variability in Process Conditions - Price & Cost Impact

Submitted by Sheila Kester, Vice President of Operations at TwinThread
Your operation may have highly sensitive products that are extremely susceptible to breakage. Line instability (caused by factors that may be presently unknown to your problem-solvers) can cause off-quality products and lead to very costly line downtime. Therefore, uncovering these unknown factors is vital when the breakage is resulting in 20% rework (or more), adding millions in annual costs.
But what can you do to crack the code? As part of an overall plan to continuously optimize quality and production, a quick-to-connect Predictive Operations Platform can give real-time access into your process variations by showing your subject matter experts not only what your top-drivers of breakage are, but why those top-drivers are happening. Implementing an innovative model of pairing process engineers and operations teams, and satiating them with the right real-time data - they are bound to uncover opportunities for honing operations in.
This approach gives domain experts and operators the necessary insight and forewarning to adjust process conditions, and thus, prevent breakage. Using this methodology, breakage can be reduced by 40%, which allows for more room to set prices competitively and win more business.
The combination of predictive technology with innovative industrial teams can help your organization hone in variability specific to your operational conditions, therefore saving your organization thousands in annual costs.
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