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Unnecessary Consumption of Energy

Submitted by Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread

Energy bills are frustrating – no matter how you slice them. However, if you want to add insult to injury, stack on top of that bill a general lack of understanding for how that invoiced energy was consumed. Down money and in the dark as to how – it doesn’t get much worse than that.

There’s no method for stopping the billing cycle for energy consumption. However, the good news is, by drawing upon your existing data, your problem-solvers can gain a clear picture of how energy is being used within your operations and if there’s an opportunity to trim the fat – which will most likely result in a far more tolerable dollar figure on your balance owing. Any predictive solution worth its salt will offer a predictive energy efficiency application that will allow you to establish soft metering capabilities within the software to optimize operations by quickly and accurately identifying the appropriate energy level outputs to accomplish exactly what your production process needs to achieve. Excess use of energy adds up – especially when you take in the full scope of your enterprise operations.

That’s why learning on the fly and being able to scale adaptations rapidly is key in eliminating unnecessary costs. Frankly, you’re never going to look at a bill and smile.

However, you probably won’t be able to wipe the grin off your face when you look at your end-of-year financials and can evidently see the substantial savings year-over-year. Optimizing operational energy output is made easy through the implementation of a user-friendly Predictive Operations Platform that equips your know-how with a comprehensive predictive energy efficiency application.

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