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TwinThread is designed by industrial operations professionals who thoroughly understand the challenges and opportunities confronting operations teams.

How it all started:

Every great innovation has a compelling origin story. Check out this brief video of our founder, Erik Udstuen, sharing what inspired him to start TwinThread.

TwinThread is comprised of individuals who helped to pioneer the digitization of industrial environments. From the earliest Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems through advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models, this team has been at the forefront of evolving markets. We understand that industrial digitization is more than just hype; it’s the natural progression of automation, connectivity, and data-centric efforts that have been in motion for decades. We know this because our teams have been shaping the evolution of the space. As a result, there’s no better organization to guide you through this transformation.

Today more than ever, you need to enhance the agility and efficiency of your operations without increasing headcount or expense. You also need to ensure the resources you have in house today are operating at peak efficiency.

We understand all of this because we’ve been part of the landscape for decades. In fact, we helped to define it. When you team-up with TwinThread, you’re tapping into a network of engineering professionals, pioneers, and thought leaders.

We’re domain experts

Our leadership team literally helped create, implement, and optimize the technologies that drove the digitization of industrial applications. MES systems, plantwide data historians, downtime analysis, and predictive models are in our DNA.

We’re quick to deploy, simple to scale, and inexpensive to own

Any new technology that’s introduced into your production environment must check some very important boxes: it must be secure, easy to set up, and scale easily across multiple processes once it has proven its worth. TwinThread delivers on all fronts.

We’re field-proven

TwinThread solutions are at work in a diverse array of industries, streamlining operations, minimizing downtime, increasing throughput, and driving more predictable and sustainable performance.

TwinThread Leadership

TwinThread is founded and led by serial innovators in industrial software and draws from 30 years experience optimizing thousands of plants across virtually every industry and every region of the world.

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