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Ideal for Process Manufacturers

Optimize Yield, Quality, Capacity, or Process Control of batch processes.

Perfect batch optimizes yield, quality, capacity, and process control

Achieve Significant Value

2% - 10%
Capacity Increase
1% - 3%
Yield Improvement


Create models for batch systems

Models for ISA 88 and
Simple Batch systems

Identify non-conformance in production batches

Identification of non-conformance
to “Perfect Batch Profile” at batch
and phase level

autonomous recommendation to improve batch production

Autonomous recommendations
for quality adjustments

auto-release golden batch

Batch auto-release

Identify batch recipe non-conformance

Identification of non-conformance
to recipe standards

Alerts-Perfect Batch

Alerts for unfavorable
batch-to-batch trends


Comprehensive Optimization For Batch Processes & Performance

Success Story

Global manufacturer of oral care products applies Digital Twins and Industrial AI to increase capacity and yield

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