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Comprehensive Optimization for Batch Processes in CPG

Results: Batch consistency and improvements to batch cycle times, quality, and yield across lines.

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Global Materials Manufacturer Achieves Industry-Leading Gains in Furnace Life and Furnace Energy Intensity

Results: The materials manufacturer drove their vision to reality - continuing their double-digit gains in throughput, asset life, and energy efficiency.

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Colgate’s Six Best Practices in Deploying Digital Twins in Industrial Manufacturing

Colgate implemented TwinThread’s Industrial Operations Platform as a cornerstone of its manufacturing strategy.

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Colgate-Palmolive Automates Improvements in Quality & Efficiency Using Digital Twins

Results: The automation of key quality and efficiency processes so subject matter experts can refocus their efforts on continuous improvement in other areas of operation.

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Hill's Pet Products gets Predictive Quality through Insight & Innovation

Results: Significant reduction in testing time, improved quality, significant improvement in yield.

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Toray Plastics Cracks the Downtime Code with the TwinThread Platform

Results: 25% reduction in downtime events, teams can analyze, understand and respond to line instability issues in real-time.

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Pioneering Consumer Products Manufacturer Cracks the Sustainable Energy Code

Results: A greener planet and millions in annual economic benefit.

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ERM Delivers a More Sustainable Planet Using Predictive Analytics

Results: A greener planet, a proactive operations center and millions in annual economic benefits.

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Resideo is Predicting Home Utilities Failures Before They Happen - A Breakthrough!

Results: From concept to commercially available service in six months.

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Visionary Data Center Solution Provider Keeps the Power On with a Virtual Center of Excellence.

Results: A real-time, full life cycle asset management solution delivering extended battery life, increasing customer sustainability with reduced costs.

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Fast Learners, Smart Equipment

Results: A proactive full life cycle asset management solution extended fleet life, improved fleet uptime and reduced maintenance costs driving competitive advantage.

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