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White Papers

Keeping Your Subject Matter Experts Front and Center. Read how TwinThread empowers your problem-solvers to continually push the capacity of their potential.

Supercharging MES With AI

MES have proven their utility since the technology started transforming production line management late in the 20th century. However, as Industry flourished and the variability in these systems multiplied exponentially, MES struggled to evolve and innovate. 

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Scaling Skilled Resources With AI

Digital upskilling your workforce by providing the right technology and training allows your organization to scale an individual employee’s productivity. Leverage industrial data ops and AI technology to empower your scarcest and most valuable resource - your people.

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Not All Digital Twins Are Created Equal

Although a “one size fits all” approach sounds appealing, there’s a diverse array of deployment models, applications, and implementations available. Selecting the best path forward for YOUR operation can be challenging.

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Optimizing Energy with Predictive Operations

A Predictive Operations Platform will allow your subject-matter experts and engineers to have strong visibility into the energy consumption of your operations, standardize energy output to units of consumption, and identify top causations of energy fluctuations or excessive consumptions.

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Powering Digital Manufacturing Transformation with the Shortest Proof of Value

Speed to value is everything. Don’t accept anything less than a predictive solution (and provider) that’s keen to find out fast (whether it’s a fit or not).

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Modern Operations: Build, Buy, or Partner?

Empower your problem-solvers to take action now, with a predictive solution that’s ready to go and easy to connect.

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Remote Manufacturing in Today's World

A remote-capable predictive solution will allow your in-house know-how to stay intimate with the data they are looking to locate; empowering them to quickly act on what they learn in a matter of days, from wherever they are.

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Cracking the Variability Code – Financial Impacts

There are a multitude of implications that variability has on an organization. Within this resource, we will explore 5 real-world examples where gaining control over variation positively impacted the organization looking to crack the code of variability within their operations.

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Six Pain Points that Predictive Analytics Eliminates

Your problem-solvers are keen to overcome any barriers to greater efficiency - they just need a solution that can point them in the right direction. This white paper identifies six common pain points that industrial organizations can encounter and how these challenges can be addressed through the application of a comprehensive predictive operations platform.

Read the Solving Problems with Predictive Analytics Whitepaper Now >

Seven Secrets to Profiting from Predictive Analytics

To increase profit, you have to increase efficiency. This white paper identifies seven secrets that will allow your organization to enhance profitability through the application of a comprehensive predictive operations platform.

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Six Transformational Developments that have Driven the Modern-day Manufacturing Mindset

This white paper explores six transformational developments that have driven meaningful change in how your operation realizes its potential today, and into the future.

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