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Ideal for Manufacturers

Stabilize and improve quality performance with less experienced operating teams.

Perfect quality reduces losses and optimizes quality

Achieve Significant Value

25% - 50%
CpK Improvement
1% - 3%
Material Loss Reduction


perfect quality models solution

Model for Startup and
In-Run ideal conditions

identify quality improvements

Identification of non-conformance
to quality standards

automate alerts to improve quality

Alerts for unfavorable
run-to-run trends

Auto Rec-Perfect Quality

Autonomous recommendations
to optimize quality

identify quality anomalies

Identification of quality
anomalies and drivers

Models-Perfect Quality

Models auto-personalized
by product / SKU

Blizzard Heading

“The goal was to convert out of the black book and into prescribed startup conditions based on the algorithms within the Digital Twin.”

— Darren Haverkamp - Technical Director, Colgate


Perfect Quality: Applying AI To Optimize Processes In Real-Time

Success Story

Global manufacturer of premium pet nutrition products applies Digital Twins and Industrial AI to drive quality to new heights

Success Story

Colgate-Palmolive automates improvements in quality and efficiency using Digital Twins and Industrial AI

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