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T W I N T H R E A D  P R I C I N G 
P A C K A G E S:
When it comes to driving operational improvements, we know seeing is believing.
In a market that’s crowded with industrial software providers promising to drive performance and quality metrics through the roof, the only way to truly understand a solution’s capabilities is to give it a test drive in your own environment. Proof is better than promises.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get started. 

From a pilot project that delivers a full-featured view of TwinThread’s capabilities to a robust Enterprise license that gives you and your team advanced capabilities and the power to move from reactive to predictive operations, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of the pricing level you choose, onboarding support – delivered both in a “self-help” virtual model and through dedicated consultants – is included. Need some help selecting the right package for you? Check out our FAQ page or reach out to one of our process optimization experts and we’ll give you a hand.

See Value in Action

TwinThread Enterprise
offers the widest array of data analysis and connectivity resources, including applications that leverage data from across the plant floor and across the enterprise. Armed with this data, our predictive models empower you to reduce downtime, improve quality, and boost overall OEE. Enterprise even delivers capabilities to help you optimize energy consumption and efficiency.

TwinThread Professional
adds a library of pre-built analytics tools, as well as the ability to develop your own applications and integrations. Professional also includes a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) Gateway, allowing easy connectivity with tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and others.

TwinThread Essentials
delivers everything you need to begin capturing, collecting, and visualizing your entire operating environment, as well as create digital twins of your industrial processes.



Optimize and scale

Starting at $3,000 /month*

  • Everything in Professional Plus:
  • Predictive Quality
  • Predictive Uptime
  • Predictive Throughput
  • Predictive Energy Efficiency
  • Predictive Asset Reliability
  • Predictive Asset Life
  • Jupyter Notebook Integration
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Active Directory
  • SSO Integration


Automate analysis

Starting at $1,000 /month*

  • Everything in Essential Plus:
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Reliability Analytics
  • Quality Analytics
  • Production Analytics
  • Process Stability Analytics
  • Premium Data Agents
  • Curated Operational Datasets
  • Development API
  • Business Intelligence Gateway


Connect and visualize

Starting at $200 /month*

  • Operational Data Store
  • Digital Twin Model
  • Digital Thread Engine
  • Standard Data Agents
  • Web Access
  • Mobile Access
  • Onboarding Consultant
  • Onboarding Webinars
  • Onboarding Office Hours

* Price is based on Net 30 terms and an annual commitment. Please contact TwinThread for additional details or questions.

“TwinThread's Predictive Operations Center is making a big difference to our process engineers, giving them real-time feedback on the stability of our production.”

— Domenic Verte, Manager, Manufacturing Applications

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