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TwinThread Overview

See for yourself how effortless automating improvements within your industrial operations can be, with TwinThread.

Connect TwinThread to Your Data in Minutes

We connect to your data in minutes. In this video we show you how effortless it is to connect TwinThread to your first data source and how quickly you can see and trend that data within our platform.

Five Dimensions of Digital Twins

What are the key areas of the Digital Twin and how do you give it context? This video will provide a quick review of creating a Twin, connecting Sensors, and adding context with the use of Wizards.

Add Pre-Built Solutions to Your Digital Twins

In this product tour, we walk through how to add pre-built solutions to your Digital Twins. We’ll showcase the variety of pre-built solutions that are available within the TwinThread platform and review the results of our model training.

Pre-Built Solutions Solve Productivity Challenges

In this video, we explore what it looks like to implement one of our pre-built solutions in your operations. These drive predictive results continuously and allow you to achieve peak performance.

Adding Digital Threads to Digital Twins

During this demonstration, we show you how simple it is to add Digital Threads to your Digital Twins. We’ll create a basic Thread on your first Digital Twin, and we’ll use Threads to integrate to other systems.

Use Classes to Scale Solutions Quickly

Switching gear in this product tour, we discuss twin classes. These classes allow you to build a template or grouping of different fleet assets, allowing you to manage and analyze them as a single common set of equipment.

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