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Resideo partners with TwinThread to deliver residential utility optimization

“The scalability of the platform, the ability to leverage existing and custom analytics, the configurability around metrics and the ability to leverage workflows to customize classifications and notifications have allowed us to focus on the specifics of our solution without having to build the infrastructure to execute it.”

— Brian Courtney, GM Home Analytics

success initiative with TwinThread


Digital Service Development.

TwinThread solution for process manufacturers


  • Digital Threads
  • Digital Twins
  • Device to Cloud Agent
easy to apply action with Industrial AI


Virtual Operations Center manages advanced warning alerts from resideo developed models integrated with resideo developed mobile application and internal resideo systems to support advanced workflows for home service providers.

attain value with TwinThread AI solutions

Value Attained

  • Fast time to market
  • Scalability out-of-the-box
  • Reduced repair cycles
  • Improved field technician utilization and efficiency

Success Story

Global provider of smart home products and systems launches new digital service for residential utility optimization

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The Virtual Operations Center: Accelerating Industrial Transformation with Less People & More Intelligent Tech

Energy Digital

TwinThread explains the support mechanisms for maximizing its platform within hours of implementing the technology

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