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The Virtual Operations Center:

Accelerating Industrial Transformation with Less People & More Intelligent Tech

If you are responsible for digital transformation in Manufacturing or Critical Infrastructure operations are you struggling to get your projects off the ground?

Do you have a clear roadmap for what is possible, where you can start, and where you should be going?

Do you have enough of the right resources to get there?

Do you have clarity around how your organization will need to change?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions - you are in the majority. In our view, creating a Virtual Operations Center leveraging AI at scale is the key to getting ahead.

This webinar will offer insights to help you plan, organize, and execute a project to create your own Virtual Operations Center inside your company.

Plus recommend strategies to justify your project and present to your leadership.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is a Virtual Operations Center?
  • Key technology requirements for your VOC.
  • Places to start - single plant or many plants.
  • How to organize, and how to empower your most talented resources.
  • How to facilitate collaboration with the VOC.
  • Typical costs and benefits.

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