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Pioneering Consumer Products

Pioneering Consumer Products Manufacturer Cracks the Sustainable Energy Code

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Drive transformative solutions to consumers while minimizing energy footprint.



Implement real-time predictive energy analytics measures and processes.



A greener planet and millions in annual economic benefit.



  • Reduced energy consumption
  • More sustainable environment
increasing manufacturing productivity


A pioneering consumer products manufacturer looked to take an innovative step in reducing energy consumption while delivering increased productivity.

The company hypothesized that teaming their state of the art production processes and industry leading people with predictive energy analytics would allow them to adjust manufacturing process in real-time, running them at minimum energy output levels while producing highest quality product.

A Visionary Approach

This company strives to lead its industry in constructive disruption across all areas of the value chain, including innovation and data analytics. They’ve furthered innovation by accelerating the speed and quality of their learning through lean innovation, helping to reduce learning cycles from months to days.

The Challenge

The company produces a variety of consumer products for markets around the world. Many production processes consume significant amounts of WAGES resources (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam). Production restarts are infrequent and energy consumption data was available only after production completed.

The company hypothesized that potential energy and water excess usage could be detected during production, and further that corrective actions could be taken in-line, substantially reducing energy leakages. In addition the company looked to quickly adopt energy management best practices of any site to all sites.

The Solution

The manufacturer teamed with TwinThread, using its Predictive Operations Center in predicting likely events, settings or combinations of the same causing excess WAGES consumption in real time, adjusting manufacturing processes in-line, and in later using predictive energy analytics to drill down and determine long hidden root causes of unnecessary energy consumption. These learnings will then be shared with all of their plants globally.

Energy efficiency in manufacturing

The Result

The manufacturer drove their vision to reality - identifying hard economic benefits as well as contributing to a more sustainable environment through substantially reduced energy consumption. In adding TwinThread's predictive analytics capability they enabled their team to learn faster, achieve results faster, and to translate those gains to their global team faster.

The manufacturer will continue to use TwinThread's Predictive Operations Center as its drives future production growth in an environmentally friendly manner.

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