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implementing a virtual operations center to improve asset performance
success initiative with TwinThread


Improve Process Stability, Increase Throughput, Reduce Energy Intensity.

TwinThread solution for process manufacturers


  • Throughput Optimization Solution
  • Process Anomaly Detection Models
  • Digital Threads
  • Digital Twins
  • Edge Agents
easy to apply action with Industrial AI


Using a combination of Threads and Overview Dashboards, monitoring a fleet of furnaces to ensure reliable running conditions and get ahead of problems before impacting efficiency or causing downtime.

attain value with TwinThread AI solutions

Value Attained

  • Improved Process Stability
  • Increased Throughput
  • Reduced Energy Intensity

Success Story

Global manufacturer of composite building materials implements Virtual Operations Center to improve asset performance and reduce energy intensity

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Solution Brief

Throughput Optimization


The Virtual Operations Center: Accelerating Industrial Transformation with Less People & More Intelligent Tech

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