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Your customers rely on you to deliver uptime, reliability, and responsiveness. TwinThread makes it easier than ever.

Intelligent devices and information-rich data clouds were considered futuristic concepts or tech reserved for only the largest and most resourced organization.

Fast-forward to today, and it seems everything is connected.

We connect to any device, sensor, even legacy equipment. All can be brought into the mix.

Whether your field-deployed equipment consists of medical devices in a hospital, mining equipment on a site, or consumer equipment in people’s homes, connected devices have unquestionably gone mainstream… and that produces a tremendous amount of data.

At TwinThread, we help you transform that raw data into actionable information faster, easier, and with greater context than ever before.

As a result, you’re empowered to anticipate and address equipment inefficiencies and errors before they impact your business or your clients

Resideo: Smart Home Products and Systems

Resideo is Predicting Home Utilities Failures Before They Happen - A Breakthrough!

See how Resideo reduced repair cycle time, improved technician utilization retained more customers and cut inventory costs.

Read Resideo's Success Story

TwinThread clients achieve game-changing results.

From global energy resource management experts ERM to innovative new home equipment service and support organizations such as Resideo, most of our clients achieve 10X ROI on their TwinThread subscription.

The TwinThread platform comes with multiple pre-configured applications each aimed at helping to address some of the most pressing challenges faced by field-deployed equipment providers, including ....

energy efficiency for field equipment
anticipate failures and minimize risk
maximize asset life
get advanced warning of issues that cause downtime

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Field-based equipment performance optimization starts here

improve field-based equipment performance

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