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Scaling Skills with AI

Empowering your scarcest and most valuable resource

According to a study conducted by the Manufacturing Institute, about 1.4 million manufacturing jobs were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the industry was already facing a potential labor crisis — a projected 2.1 million unfulfilled jobs by 2030 resulting from a lack of skilled labor.

Digital upskilling your workforce by providing the right technology and training allows your organization to scale an individual employee’s productivity. Join TwinThread for this webinar on November 16 where we’ll cover how you can leverage industrial data ops and AI technology to empower your scarcest and most valuable resource - your people.

This webinar will cover:

  • Bringing multiple teams together with a shared mission and shared operational context - regardless of physical location
  • Focusing on solving problems, creating opportunities, and driving value without being bogged down with non-value add activities
  • Creating an inclusive environment where engineers and SMEs collaborate and innovate alongside data scientists and software developers.
  • Harnessing AI-enabled capabilities to automate actions, empower your skilled workforce, and enhance your productivity.

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