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Catastrophic Failures

Submitted by Luis Morinigo, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread
Catastrophe is a word you never want to hear uttered in relation to your operations. When an asset gives out because it was being run outside of its optimal parameters, or because it simply had nothing left to give, you’re most likely looking at a multitude of negative impacts on your business. Firstly, the safety and well-being of your people. A catastrophic asset failure, like a blowout (for example), can easily maim or mortally wound one or several workers. This is, obviously, an unacceptable outcome. Secondly, you’re looking at the extensive cost of both having to replace the destroyed assets and having to contend with lengthy downtime interfering with your production cycles.
The good news is, these situations are totally preventable. There are solutions that allow your domain experts to become so intimate with your data that they will be empowered to keep maintenance specialists in the loop on tune-up needs. With a platform that offers subject-matter experts a predictive asset reliability application, your assets will be continuously monitored on their performance and advanced warnings will be provided so maintenance efforts can be planned strategically – preventing unnecessary failures from ever occurring.
With the ability to anticipate any major failure event, you’ll not only build confidence in your operations, improve the effectiveness of your maintenance schedule, and achieve greater uptime – you’ll increase profitability and decrease unnecessary costs. Not to mention, your domain experts will be made to feel that they are contributing in a meaningful way by being equipped to action insight that allows them to continuously innovate.
You should be able to rely on your assets. They are the workhorses of your operation. The best way to build up the quality of that reliability is to plug your data into a Predictive Operations Platform that allows in-line monitoring and empowers domain experts to operationalize insights fast.
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