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Today’s Energy Management

Submitted by Sheila Kester, VP of Operations at TwinThread
Unfortunately, the state of operations, as they typically occur today, leaves many engineers in the blind (when it comes to energy consumption).
Generally, energy consumption is measured at the plant or, at best, the production line level which causes problems for your engineers. Additionally, there is a lack of energy consumption information that is SKU-specific (product-run specific). Due to this, engineers are unable to see energy consumption at a granular level and are therefore unable to make meaningful adaptations that result in greater energy efficiency.
Another issue with today’s energy management is there is little or no information about process-specific methodologies and their impact on energy usage. Without operator behaviors being factored in, it makes things a lot more complicated when it comes to trying to establish a baseline for energy consumption.
Many organizations allocated resources based on consumption metrics - however, how reliable is that metric if energy is only being measured from a bird’s-eye-view? With sparse information to go on, there is no doubt that bad data is bound to surface. And, there is almost certainly bad data that is influencing decision-making.
This current state of affairs, described above, is certainly better than nothing. But do we really want to accept that? There’s a lot left to be desired. And, fortunately, with relative ease - there’s a lot more that can be accomplished and optimized.
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