TwinThread Seminar Series: Achieving Your Manufacturing Goals in the Age of Uncertainty

Using an AI-Assisted Top-Down / Bottom-Up Process to Accelerate Innovation & Operationalize Results

Typical Manufacturing Exec Scorecard

20230627 Scorecard Graphic_v1

We all have them - scorecards and goals. 

We all have operating plans to achieve them.

We all have technology and process backing them up.

And yet… Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Are you worried about the high cost of materials?
  • Have you been given an energy mandate and are uncertain of your order of solve? 
  • Does operating performance vary by SKU, line, plant or region? 
  • Do you know why? 
  • Are you able to pivot quickly in the face of supply chain disruptions?

Starting with a top down approach to select optimum targets, and then implementing a bottoms up approach to hit those targets is common.

However, manufacturing being what it is, you may have run into some hurdles:

Insufficient Data: Data in multiple, unrelated units, not enough data, bad or missing data

Time Constraints: Not enough time to dig into and analyze your data

Human Subjectivity: Meaning it’s hard for someone to analyze a problem objectively when it could mean big changes for them

Change Adoption: Having the ability to confirm that a change, once implemented, continues. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be breaking down the steps of an AI-assisted, top-down approach to optimizing manufacturing performance. 


The Basics

  • What are the elements of an AI Assisted Top Down Approach? 
  • What is a bottoms up approach and when should it be used? 
  • The truth about KPIs
  • Top Potential V Top Cause

Technology Assists: 

  • Data Lakes
  • Digital Twins and Threads
  • Reporting Engines V Analytics 
  • AI

Making it Stick

  • Execution Execution Execution
  • Iteration and Innovation
  • Examples
    • Quality
    • Production
    • Energy Intensity
  • Managing Change


Sheila Kester
Post by Sheila Kester
June 28, 2023
Chief Operating Officer at TwinThread