Why accept being forced to physically go somewhere to inspect operations when you can “see” critical processes right from your desk? This is the question you should be asking when allocating your subject-matter experts in the field. There’s no reason to have your domain experts bouncing here, there and everywhere to gain an understanding of how things are performing. In reality, it’s a waste of your vital in-house know-how to request that they spend their valuable time moving from place to place.

What they need is a solution that frees them to allocate their time efficiently, to the physical locations that really need their presence, while still being made capable of gaining a real-time understanding of your operations at an enterprise scale. Making sure the right information makes its way into the right hands at the right time shouldn’t depend upon that right set of hands’ physical location.

That’s why having a Predictive Operations Platform that enables remote access to actionable insights is so crucial. An easy-to-use predictive solution ensures there are no barriers between your subject-matter experts and the key insights they need to make critical decisions that will have an impact on production processes, operational strategies, asset reliability and cost savings. So, whether you’re measuring performance regarding product quality, manufacturing throughput, or energy efficiency - regardless of where your domain experts are, the illuminating information related to whichever performance metric you’re looking to innovate on will not and cannot be blocked by any factor, whether internal (limited time of experts on-site) or external (travel restrictions preventing on-site presence).

Optimize your expert resources, just like you optimize your manufacturing operations. Allocate your subject-matter experts with exceptional accuracy and ensure the right information is getting to the right places when it matters most.

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Andrew Waycott
Post by Andrew Waycott
July 27, 2020
President & Co-founder at TwinThread