In our last installment, we covered the role of low-code/no-code technologies in empowering your organization to keep pace with change. This installment focuses on this need from another angle: the need to rapidly scale from pilot program, to broader rollout, to full enterprise use. 

Today’s industrial processes are highly complex and resource intensive. Whether you’re manufacturing products, delivering utilities, or supporting product fleets in the field, profit margins are slim and errors can be costly. This dynamic can lead to some unique challenges for operations professionals. On one hand, constant evaluation and fine-tuning of processes can lead to improvements in yield, quality, and efficiency. On the other, making changes to any process already in-flight is not without risk.

To mitigate exposure to downside risk, many organizations will implement changes using a “pilot program” approach. This “walk before you run” strategy is prudent because it allows businesses to test theories, introduce new technologies, and develop a comfort level with new approaches before rolling them out across the business. Once the proof-of-concept has been proven, however, organizations must be ready to implement them at scale.

This is particularly true in the arena of predictive operations. The positive impact to the business can be significant, so the more systems you’re able to assess, optimize, and automate using a predictive analytics platform, the greater the efficiency gains.

As you begin to assess which provider to leverage, ensure they have a proven strategy - and a solid track record - of moving clients from planning, to pilot, to full production. Further, also look for organizations that can scale with your business from a financial and support perspective as well. A bit of extra due diligence upfront will lead to significant benefits downstream. 

To help you gain a more complete view of predictive analytics platforms and how they can take your business to the next level, TwinThread has developed a powerful new whitepaper called “Optimization for All.” This guide serves as a collection of all our previous blog posts into the topic into a single, unified resource aimed at giving you greater insight into the technology and the evaluation process. Download your copy today!

Erik Udstuen
Post by Erik Udstuen
December 10, 2021
CEO at TwinThread