What is the difference between condition monitoring and predictive monitoring? And, what can each of these approaches to performance monitoring accomplish for your operations?

What Is and What Will Be

A major part of sustaining a reliable approach to predictive maintenance and predictive operations is monitoring. There’s a lot of value in seeing the condition of certain metrics in real-time. Being aware of what is happening with your machinery is absolutely necessary in managing operations. However, what if you could predict the probability of specific conditions, before they occur? While it is beneficial to see conditions as they are, if that’s all you can do, you’re forced to take a reactive approach to your operations.

Fortunately, you can do much more than react if you foster predictive monitoring through our Predictive Asset Reliability application. With this approach, the Predictive Operations Platform connected to your data sources will be able to tell your operators what will likely happen to your equipment should specific conditions continue. So, instead of reacting to an issue taking place now, you can prevent that issue from ever happening with the proactive insights Predictive Asset Reliability provides.

How it Works

Predictive monitoring will alert your team to when you are operating outside optimum conditions and provide recommendations for bringing metrics back inside the desired range (whether it be temperature, vibration, etc.).

However, the Predictive Asset Reliability application will also conduct an automated root cause analysis to determine why that metric fell outside optimal conditions in the first place. With the predictive technology now familiar with these contributing factors, you will have a team of AI-augmented operators who will be aware of the key drivers for failures and will be empowered to correct those issues before they become a problem.

Know the 'Why', Now

Having this level of foresight into your operations and the reliability of your assets is a streamlined process, and you can do it. Find out how easy it can be for your organization by scheduling a demo to see for yourself.

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Luis Morinigo
Post by Luis Morinigo
August 28, 2020
VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread